Architectural Review Board


Below is the process that must be followed by each property owner when requesting to make changes in the appearance of the exterior of the home or the surrounding lot. The process is to ensure that the traditional look of the neighborhood is maintained.

Be advised that obtaining approval can take a significant amount of time. Do not schedule contractors until the written approval is in hand. Do not perform work based on any verbal statement from anyone.

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  1. Property in The Fountains at Raintree Lake are bound by the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions laid out by both the Fountains at Raintree Lake Association (FRLHOA), AND the Raintree Lake Property Owners Association (RLPOA). Any proposed changes to the appearance of your home or lot must be submitted to both Architectural Review Boards (ARB). No work may commence until approval is received in writing from both the Fountains Architectural Review Board (FARB) and the Raintree Architectural Review Board (RARB).
  1. Request forms are found on the RLPOA web site. Go to and find the appropriate form. If you cannot access or print forms, contact Area Real Estate or a FARB member, and they will be sent to you.
  1. Submit the completed form with any supporting documentation, including paint chips, pictures, plans, or drawings to a Fountains Architectural Review Board (FARB) member. Contact Area Real Estate for contact information on current FARB members. The FARB meets as needed. The FARB will review the request and the supporting documentation. The request will be:
    a. Approved
    b. Determined to require addtional information
    c. Denied
  1. Requests that are denied or require additional information will be returned to the property owner.
  1. If approved by the FARB, the form and supporting documentation will be forwarded to the RLPOA office. The Raintree Architectural Review Board (RARB) meets every Monday. Forms and documentation must be in the RLPOA office by the preceeding Wednesday afternoon to be considered.
  1. The RARB will notify the property owner by mail of the request’s approval, denial, or need for additional information. They may request the the property owner appear in person before the Board to provide additional information.
  1. When the property owner has the signed approval of BOTH ARBs, they may proceed with the project.

Denied Applications:

  1. Applications not approved by the FARB can be appealed to the Fountains Board of Directors.
  1. The original application and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the Fountains Board of Directors, along with any supplemental information that would support the appeal request.
  1. The Fountains Board of Directors will review the information and make a determination.
  1. If the Board of Directors does not approve the project, the property owner will be notified and will not be allowed to move forward with the requested project.
  1. If approved, the Fountains Board of Directors will return the signed request to the property owner.The property owner must deliver the request to the Raintree office to be considered by the Raintree ARB.
  1. The Raintree ARB will follow the same process of review with an approval or denial.
  1. Applications denied by the Raintree ARB must be appealed to the Raintree Board of Directors.

Use Restriction Requests:

If the property owner’s request is for a “Use Restriction” variance as defined by the Fountains at Raintree Lake Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, ARTICLE ELEVEN (LINK), then the original request form, the recommendation of the FARB, and all documentation will be given to the Fountains Board of Directors. The Board will authorize the FARB on how to proceed.

NOTE: At the direction of the Fountains Board of Directors, the Fountains Architectural Review Board may at any time consult or refer a request application to the Fountains Board of Directors.

Dennis Chambers, FARB Chairman

Revised 8/6/2021

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