Pop-Up Party this Friday 7/16/2021!!

DATE:              Friday, July 16
WHERE:           Soldier Court cul-de-sac, in front of 921 Soldier Ct.
TIME:               6:30 PM

Come and visit with your friends and neighbors at the first Pop-up party of the year.

If you are comfortable with sharing, then bring a snack to share with everyone. Also, bring a beverage of your choice. Water will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Lenore Chambers at either 816-718-5711 or 816-537-9773


The ‘Mater Man here tomorrow 7/14/2021

The ‘Mater Man is back!

We just confirmed that he will be near the roundabout fountain at 9 a.m. tomorrow with a fresh supply of produce from local producers!

Our plan is for him to be in the Fountains every Wednesday morning through the summer.  He was a very popular visitor last summer!  He has plastic bags but you’re welcome to bring your own too.  He accepts cash and credit cards.


Ladies, join your Fountains Neighbors for a movie afternoon on Thursday , July 1

Want to go see “Queen Bees” starting Ellen Burstyn at B and B Theatre in Overland Park, KS at 12:50 on Thursday? The address is 8601 W 135th Street, O.P, KS

“After moving to a senior’s home, a woman encounters a clique of mean spirited women and an amorous widower” https://www.queenbeesfilm.com/gallery/

Because this was fast impromptu event, I don’t have time to arrange carpools. Call you neighbors or friends and get your group together.

You will want to buy your tickets on line at the B & B Theater. Make sure you pick the B & B on 135th St and get the 12:50 movie for Thursday, July 1. We will meet there. So far all seats are available so it’ll be like our own little private party! Cost is $12.00 per ticket.

Hope to see you at the movie. Phyllis Harrel


The revised ballot has been taken to the post office today. If you have already mailed your ballot, please either mail the revised ballot, email or snap a picture of it and text it to 816-797-0112.
The proxy included in the mailing must also accompany your ballot so your vote can be counted should you not be at the meeting on July 15. Even if you think you will be attending, please send your proxy. Better safe than sorry!
Here’s to a better, and less complicated week!

Poll Results on the Fountain

Option 1: 12 Votes

Cut down the trees to aid Mr. Hill in maintaining the fountain.

Option 2:  4 Votes

Leave the trees and volunteer once or twice per week to clean the fountain

Option 3: 9 Votes

Leave the trees and hire a pool management company to maintain it.

Option 4: 27 Votes

Suggestions ranging from removing the fountain, to filling it in with dirt and making a huge flower pot to removing and installing another fountain. Regardless, these folks asked for the decision to be tabled until the new board is in place.
The decision on the fountain will be tabled until the new board is in place.
Thank you for your input, it will be gathered and given to the new board in July.

Annual meeting documents

The Annual Meeting is right around the corner:

July 15, 2021
Raintree Clubhouse
825 SW Raintree Dr.
Lee’s Summit, MO

You should have received documents for the upcoming Annual Meeting in the mail. The required ‘Notice of Annual Meeting’, ‘2021 Board of Directors Ballot’, and ‘Annual Meeting Proxy Statement’ were enclosed. PLEASE follow the instructions to be sure your ballot is counted.

Copies of the documents are available on this web site under BOARD->ANNUAL MEETING 2021.

Grounds Committee Response to poll/trees 6/25/2021

In response to the informal poll that was sent to the neighborhood this morning, below is the response from the Grounds Committee.  We feel that the neighborhood needs to be properly informed regarding the circle fountain.
The Grounds Committee has gone on record to adamantly oppose the removal of the four trees. 
Removing the trees will NOT solve the problems of that fountain (there will still be leaves from surrounding trees and plantings, plus the mulch that could cause issues.  Will these be removed next? As was researched and presented to the neighborhood in April of 2019, the correct solution to the many issues of this fountain would be to demolish the current feature and replace it with a fountain that could be maintained by a company certified to perform these services.  As it is right now, no company will touch it (this option was researched for the 2019 presentation and no company was willing to undertake this job).
The current feature has required repairs numerous times to ‘fix’ the leaking problems and pump repair, but the problems always reoccur.  The repairs done for this year amounted to $4,000 and it is again
leaking. This is a waste of time and money that would be better used in replacing the current fountain. It is a concrete bowl with 4 feet of water with no safeguards surrounding it, which makes it a legal liability to the community and homeowners.  It has no drain and no filter which is why it is a cleaning nightmare and makes it a pool not a fountain and is why no pool or fountain company will manage it.
We suggest any action regarding the fountain be tabled until the new Board is selected and given the time and opportunity to review the situation and then make a determination based on facts for the good of the entire neighborhood.

Poll on tree removals 6/25/2021

Many of you are aware Dennis Hill has been maintaining the fountain for several years now.  Though quite a few of you stop to thank him, you may not be aware he does this at his expense.  He neither asks for or receives any reimbursement.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for him due to the four deciduous trees located around it.  The leaves fall continually, the pump sucks them in and the fountain is clogged.  His frequency of cleanings and unclogging has increased to as much as every other day, and sometimes two or three days in a row. Due to physical limitations, he has lost the help of others.  Cutting down the trees will reduce the frequency and labor tremendously.  This, however, has been met with opposition.  We would like to have your input.
  • Option 1:  Cut down the trees to aid Mr. Hill in maintaining the fountain.
  • Option 2:  Leave the trees and volunteer once or twice per week to clean the fountain
  • Option 3:  Leave the trees and hire a pool management company to maintain it.
Please call or email Sandy at Area Real Estate with your thoughts.  We appreciate your timely response.

Margarite Hill