Roundabout Fountain Update

Update on the Roundabout Project from the FRLHOA Board  

Good afternoon, 

On April 29, 2022, at 3:00PM at the Duck Pond Activity Center an open meeting was held to discuss the Roundabout Fountain Project. The meeting objectives were to educate homeowners on the Roundabout Fountain Project and listen to alternative proposals. The slides from the presentation and meeting minutes are on the website if you did not attend the meeting. The Board elected to stop work that was scheduled on the project until after the meeting to incorporate feedback and new ideas. Although this caused a delay, we thought it was important.  

The three weeks since the meeting has seen much activity and because of the feedback, we have included more contractors and their bids with various solutions. The Board has had many budget discussions and the previous Board had projects that significantly reduced the amount we could spent on the project; as an example, the $45,000 sidewalk project. So, this factor eliminated several bids and was a factor in the scope of the project. As we refreshed bids most contractors need to increase the costs of previous bids because of the 8.3% inflation we are experiencing and the rising cost of fuel and labor.  One of our top contractors had a date for work of June 27th and we worked with him to update his bid over the last week. On Tuesday of this week, we received an email from him that he has decided to withdraw from bidding the project. “In light of several significant material and fuel increases.” We believe there were also other factors that contributed to his decision to withdraw. 

Yesterday afternoon on May 19th the Grounds Committee and Board met by the roundabout to discuss the contractors’ ideas and cost and to have him submit a contract for our review. At 4:00PM yesterday the board and Grounds Committee Chairperson met to discuss the current contractors’ bids and budget information. Our goal is to remedy the current roundabout problems by the end of June. As a reminder from presentations on the website over the last year and the April 29th presentation the following is a recap of problems: 

  • Several professionals have stated the fountain was improperly designed and constructed.
  • Pools of water and other artificial landscaping features can make our fountain a magnet for children in the Fountains and Raintree neighborhood. But the very things that make it so attractive can also make it dangerous – so dangerous those features can lure teens and children onto the HOA property to play. It can attract skateboards and bicycles.
  • There is no fence enclosing the fountain feature protecting those that might decide to enter the area. Lee’s Summit statues “any pool of water over 24” with sides that are not earth must have a fence.
  • After discussing a repair solution, the Board and Common Ground Committee did not believe it was feasible or effective. Past repair efforts did not achieve results and there were no warranties by the contractors. The repair costs were high and fence cost to address liability concerns were a factor.

Our goal in the first part of the roundabout fountain project is to rid the area of an attractive nuisance with a faulty design & a liability to the HOA residents. Our homes are an investment, and we all want to keep our property values up and enjoy our neighborhood. 

Second Phase discussion 

A learning from the April 29th Meeting and other discussions is the replacement of a structure in the roundabout space once the liabilities and other problems are removed is important. Our original approach was to complete the work and then have a committee determine what would go in the space. During the April 29th meeting we had a few slides of potential fountains that would look good in the space, and we believe that helps residents visualize the future. So, we decided to include the base for a fountain in the 1st phase and are part of the bids we are reviewing. The base for the fountains we have looked at are about 10’ in diameter and require water and electricity to be run to the base for any fountain selected. There are many extra items to consider when finalizing a fountain which includes cover to protect it during the winter, cost of opening and closing each season, accessibility to the pump, etc. The second phase of purchasing a fountain for the roundabout space and securing funding will be handed over to the next board after the election.  

We are blessed with a wide range of experts and interested residents. It is important that you allow your elected representatives to work on this and avoid contacting the contractors directly or approaching them at the roundabout. We experience delays, cost increases in our negotiations. We greatly appreciate your help and will provide dates once we are able to secure a contractor. 

Fountains at Raintree Veterans Recognition


Please join us in saluting our current Fountains at Raintree veterans! Flags will be placed in their front yards this week in honor of Armed Forces Day on Saturday and will remain until the day after Memorial Day!


David Adams

Dan Adcox

Al Althouse

Don Bergeron

Ed Herriman

Robert Markle

Larry Oates

Bill Quick, Sr.

Ron Rodgers

Jerry Romig

Steve Schild

Jack Stamper

Robert Wilden

Nic Willard

Jeff Zugaj


Jon Dunham

Harold Collier

Roger Eberhart

Charlie Harrel

Joe High

Harold Jackson

Jerry Jones

Ernest Lansbury

David Mitchell

Glen Rogers

Tom Terrono

John Wilkinson


Ed Schober


Rich Blanke

Jim Coldsnow

Steve Schafer


Tim Bratcher

David Bundrick

Johnie Clark

David Hillson

Jerome Nowak

Patrick Pepple


Hi Bunco Fans!

This is your reminder to come play Bunco with us on May 23rd, at 1:00 pm at the Duck Pond Activity Center.

Bring – 3 dice, a pen, $5 (please no large bills), a drink if you like. We’ll provide sanitized tables, hand sanitizer, and score sheets.

Come play!

Donna Paulic 505-250-1135

Recycling options

In addition to Donna Paulic’s recent post about the www.RECYCLESPOT.ORG, I want to make you aware of the recycling possibilities available to LS residents at our local Resource Recovery Park located on Hamblin Rd.  There was a question at the Board meeting about the excessive cost charged by WCA for the collection of the small amount of lawn waste generated in our community.  Here’s an alternative solution.  For $1 per bag, you can drop off lawn waste at the Park.  It might not be terribly convenient but for the few bags we typically have in the spring and fall, it’s a really good deal.  They also recycle electronics and mattresses, tires, appliances, etc. for a reasonable fee.  Hazardous waste collection is free to residents and is by appointment only Thursday-Saturday.  Go to for hours, a list of items they can handle, and pricing.  There is also an area dedicated to recycling paper, cans, etc. that is free to the public. 

Zona Mitchell

Project Committee Announcement

The FRLHOA Board is currently seeking volunteers to serve on a special project committee. The sole purpose of this committee is to seek bids, negotiate expectations, and recommend to the HOA Board the company that will provide our lawn maintenance and snow removal services for the next two years. Additional guidelines will be provided by the Board and Area Real Estate Services will provide support as needed.

It is expected the work of this committee will take approximately six-to-eight weeks. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please notify Sandy at Area Real Estate Services by June 1. Thank you for your strong consideration to this request.

The Fountains Fellas

Hey guys, thanks for getting back to me for a chance to eat together.  It looks like we could have 12-15 guys, and any others are welcome.  It appears that several of us have mobility issues and I know that’s also true for hearing.  Of course this is only guys so selective hearing shouldn’t be a problem.  

After checking a number of places that can handle that many and considering our other issues I’d like to try the Big Biscuit on Blue Parkway this first time.  If we could go next week on Thursday, the 12th, at 10:30-11:00 maybe we could miss the biggest crowd for noise and parking problems.  We could order at 11:00 and visit some before hand if you wish.  You can park near the patio area where there is a ramp that is wheelchair accessible.  Anyone that would prefer not to drive just let me know and I’ll try to make it work for you.

For anyone that’s interested in the Girls/Guys Night out on May 31st that hasn’t replied yet let me know.  You can reply to this email or call my cell at 913-259-9400.  Remember that you have friends wherever you move, you just have to meet them!

Mark Peters

Calling all Fountains Veterans

Dear Fountains Veterans & Friends,

It is a tradition here in the Fountains to honor all of our Veterans by placing American flags in their front yards from Armed Forces Day through Memorial Day weekend each year. This year we will place flags on May 20th and remove them the day after Memorial Day. Flags are usually placed in front of a tree or in a flower bed, so they are out of the way of the mowers.

If you are a veteran who is new to the neighborhood, we would like to add your name to our list so we can honor you. Please send your name and the information below to Gloria Helmer at as soon as possible so we may purchase additional flags, or you may call and leave a message at (816)405-4215.


If you have served, please complete the form below or reply to the email which was sent with the following information.

(you may copy and paste the questions in your reply email)

  1. Your name _________________________________________________________________________
  2. Best way to contact you (phone or email)._________________________________________
  3. Your branch of service._____________________________________________________________
  4. Beginning and ending dates of service.____________________________________________
  5. Your ending rank. __________________________________________________________________
  6. Did you serve in any armed conflict abroad? If so, where and when?______________
  7. Did you receive any special commendations? If so, please explain.________________
  8. Other – anything you feel we should know about your service. ___________________

Please send information to


Fountains Ladies and Guys,

We are planning another Girls Night Out, and Boys Night Out, like we had during the bad old days of the pandemic. Small groups (6-8) will be randomly selected to meet at a host’s house for a couple of hours to chat, share, meet someone in the neighborhood you may not know, and just relax and enjoy the evening.

For the Ladies, please respond to or 505-250-1135.

For the Guys, please respond to Mark Peters, or 913-259-9400.

Please indicate if you are interested in participating and/or hosting a small group. Let’s take a couple of hours after the Spring Holidays to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.

In hopes of waiting for warmer (drier) more comfortable outdoor weather, the date for this activity is set for 6:00 pm, May 31st.

Once we have a list of interested participants, names will be randomly drawn, and everyone will be notified of their hosted location on the day of the event.

I am interested in attending-Name and phone number______________________________________________

I am willing to host a small group- Name and Phone number_________________________________________

Donna Paulic

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Reminder

Join your neighbors in a unique dinner opportunity Friday, May 20th at 6:00 p.m.  It’s a small group dinner with surprise guests, hosts, and menu!  Email Dee Hachinsky ( or Jan Hoffman (; or RSVP by phone:  Dee (816-572-8042) or Jan (816-678-2982) to reserve your spot!  You may also fill out the attached invitation and drop it off.  Singles are welcome!  Choose your partner or let us pair you up!  Please RSVP by May 13th!!

Attention: The Fountains Fellas

The other day I read the Social Activities Newsletter and noticed these activities listed: Ladies Coffee Group, Ladies Bunco, Ladies Bridge, and Ladies Luncheon.  So guys, what are we doing all the time the gals are out having fun?  I know, some are enjoying having that time at home to yourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own time together with some of the other guys.

I’d like to find out if there are guys that would like to get together for breakfast, lunch or something in between.  Any chance I get to eat, I’m up for it!  It’s been suggested meeting at McDonalds for breakfast, or somewhere else we could get a pastry or pie mid morning.  Or we might like to just have lunch somewhere regularly.  Also I’d like to get a feel for how often this might occur.  You might meet a new fishing buddy you didn’t know lived right down the street, or someone that might enjoy other things that you do.

You can reply to either my email or give me a call on my cell at 913-259-9400.  Hope to hear from some of you.

Give me a holler,
Mark Peters

Message from the Nominating Committee

Do you have ideas to improve the Fountains? Do you have concerns? Do you want your voice heard? If so, NOW is time to do something
about them.

A new board will be elected this coming July. Be a part of the discussion and decision process by submitting a Nomination Form.

As of this date the FHOA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 21, 2022 beginning at 7PM at the Raintree Club House. The Nominating Committee is seeking individuals willing to become a member of the FHOA Board of Directors, the term of office is one (1) year. All five board seats are open to any resident wishing to serve on the Board of Directors.

Individuals who would like the opportunity to participate in the management of our neighborhood should send an email or letter to Area Real Estate Service, with your name, address, and contact information. Also please include a short introductory statement about yourself.

Nominations must be postmarked or submitted by email no later than June 1, 2022. All nominations will be shown on the official ballot which
shall be included with the mailed official written notification of the Annual FHOA Meeting. No nominations will be accepted after the June 1, 2022 deadline. Also there is no provision or acceptance of write-in candidates.

Thank you from the Nominating Committee
Harry Grigsby