2018 Budget Approved by Board of Directors

UPDATE:  The proposed 2018 budget has been approved by the Board of Directors as of 11/27/2017.

The Fountains at Raintree Board of Directors, in conjunction with Area Real Estate Services, has developed the attached budget for the calendar year 2018. Budgeted income is based on a 1.7% increase in the actual assessment from $132 to $134.24/month.

The 1.7% increase is based on the federal governments announced increase in the CPI-U measured from July 2016 to July 2017. This increase complies with Covenants Article Five, Section 3. c. The increase will become effective January 1 and will be reflected on the 2018 quarterly statements.

In compliance with Covenants Article Five, Section 3.a., the maximum assessment will also be increased by 1.7% to $134.24 per month.

The association dues pays for property management services, homeowner and common grounds mowing services, pond maintenance, water for lawn irrigation, maintenance of the irrigation system, electricity, snow removal, trash collection, taxes, common grounds maintenance projects, property and casualty insurance and other general expenses of the association.

Sandy Turner, Area Real Estate Services
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2018 Budget (PDF)