2019-2020 Lawn Care Contract Signed

Starting in August, your Board undertook the task of advertising for lawn care services for the next two years. We started with a list of 50 companies gleaned from various sources, and Sandy spent many hours on the phone making sure that they had the resources to handle a neighborhood like ours in one day. Very few did.

We ended up with a list of 10 companies that a Request for Proposal and Statement of Work was mailed to. Only three companies responded. One of the three was immediately disqualified because his bid was TRIPLE the price of our current contract. The other two provided references for us to visit. None of the references were even close to the size of The Fountains.

One company’s reference yards were much worse than what we have now. Weeds were rampant, the mowing was uneven, and multiple lawns had signs telling the contractor ‘DON’T MOW’.

The second company gave three references, and they all looked very similar to ours. Some of the same problems we currently have were visible in each of them. None were nearly as big as The Fountains.  This company’s bid was thousands of dollars higher than the low bid.

We also considered the responses to the Survey that was emailed to residents. There were two very clear results. First, a majority of respondents did NOT want an extra increase in assessment to pay for other than the low bidder. Secondly, respondents overwhelmingly wanted to keep our current provider IF they had the low bid.

As a result, the Board approved the bid submitted by Reisner Lawn Care, LLC.  A1 Hydroflo will continue to provide irrigation service.

The Board plans to meet with Reisner to come up with possible solutions to the deficiencies in service noted in resident responses to the survey. Reisner has already started modifying their standing mowers to allow them to mow at slower speeds and to not blast clippings into the landscaping beds.