This month’s Survey from your Board includes four discrete capital projects that need to be done in the near future.  The information below provides a summary of the issue with our pond.

Our main pond has not been dredged since The Fountains was established. The original small farm pond was enlarged and lined by our developer before 2008. It now contains 12+ years of siltation nearly filling the original 10+ foot depth of our pond.

We are required to maintain the unobstructed flow of water through our pond, as part of the Missouri Conservation Department’s drainage plan. Our pond water also flows into Raintree Lake, which has an interest in our pond not contributing to their siltation issues.  Siltation (deposits of dirt and debris from storm runoff) is an ongoing issue.  Raintree RLPOA deals with siltation at Raintree Lake. Their annual budget for siltation abatement and dredging this year is $226,400.

Enclosed is a current depth mapping of our pond. The average depth is less than 2.5-feet, filled with siltation from the original installed drain depth of 10+feet depth.

The photos below show the work done in 2017 by your Board to remove siltation and restore the banks of our upper settling pond (above the main pond).  This was funded by an approved special assessment totaling approximately $27,000, or approximately $155 per homeowner.

Capital Projects with Estimated
 Assessment Costs per Household
Preference Ranking will be mailed to ask homeowners to prioritize repairs

  • Dredge and Repair Ponds $1,300.00
  • Replace leaking Estates Fountain $425.00
  • Walking Trail Repairs $365.00
  • Cottonwoods Removal and Replant $310.00

*NOTE:  2020 estimated costs based on first bids

Assessments for Capital Projects are One-Time Costs per Household.

Homeowners rejected the Board’s recommended $24.87 per month dues catch-up proposal last Fall that would have funded all repairs.