Board Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2021

The meeting was called to order at 1:30PM. This is an executive session with no audience due to ongoing COVID high risk status in our area.

Present were Kevin Neuer, John Veerkamp, and Margarite Hill. Two available Board positions remain vacant.

Minutes from the prior meeting were read and approved.

The Board opened discussion on capital projects. Since last July when this Board was elected, the following projects have been approved, funded, and completed:

  • Renewal of the Estates Drive central fountain, including cleaning, sealing, and re-painting.
  • Mitigation of standing water on the Lower Pond walking trail, which required re-routing drains and landscape modifications.
  • Renewal of 700 feet of the Raintree Drive walking trail, which included removal and replacement of the concrete trail, landscaping to re-route runoff, re-routing nine homeowners’ downspout or sump drainage, and fence repairs.
  • Installation of discrete sprinklers at all three monuments, allowing plantings of seasonal flower beds.
  • Installation of nine new trees as our three-year tree maintenance program concludes.

Two projects remain.

  • A decision has not been made on what to do with the large trees rooted in and around the Lower Retention Pond, which are a concern to adjacent homeowners if they become unstable.
  • The Lower Pond continues to accumulate silt and issues from reduced depth. A survey conducted for us by RLPOA in 2019 mapped the gradients and depths in our pond, which identified the critical need for action.

After further discussion, the Board decided as follows:

  • Ask RLPOA to repeat the 2019 Pond Survey. We can then compare the depth changes from 2019 to the present, with an eye to understanding any significant change since the Ward Road project altered the water ingress point.
  • In anticipation of a need to dredge the Pond (not done since its installation in 2005), the Board will solicit quotes from reputable dredge/excavation companies. We will also re-evaluate the Retention Pond depth and siltation.
  • We will also request approval from the RLPOA Board to deposit the dredged silt/soil across Ward Road at the same open site where we deposited the 2017 dredged material from our Retention Pond, which is now reusable topsoil.
  • If necessary, we will meet with the RLPOA Board to clarify The Fountains is responsible for the dredging. Our request for the assistance of RLPOA in mapping the Pond and disposal of the dredged soil and material is, we feel, a reasonable request based on our 176 homeowners regular RLPOA dues and the expectation that it is apparent we will be preventing a huge amount of silt from entering Raintree Lake at our expense.

Adjourned 3:00PM

Board Meeting Minutes – October 27, 2020

Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 2:00 P.M.

The Board requested bids October 8th for lawn care and snow services through Area Real Estate for 2021 – 2022. Six suppliers expressed interest and were interviewed. All six submitted proposals by the due date of October 21st.

After analysis of the responses, two finalists were selected for further negotiation. The Board met with representatives from Outdoor Solutions and Shelton Lawn Service to review their bids on October 27th.

After questioning both extensively, the Board was satisfied that the bid from Outdoor Solutions of Raymore, MO was the best choice. The Board voted unanimously to offer the contract to Outdoor Solutions. The contract will be or a two-year period.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 P.M.

Board Meeting Minutes – September 19, 2020

Fountain Board Meeting
Noon, September 19, 2020

The Board met at Kevin Neuer’s home. The following issues were discussed:

1. The Board accepted Frank Paulic’s resignation.

2. The Board will be sending out RFQ’s for all services HOA provides. Kevin will send Board a straw man letter to review.

3. John will obtain contact information for Epic Management Company and initiate conversation to explore their services for the Fountains.

4. Terry Mackey has currently been contracted to do patchwork concrete work on sidewalk walking trail along Raintree Drive. Board asked him to rethink bid to encompass entire length of area needing repair.

5. Board will look at repair of other areas next spring.

6. Margarite will begin exploring process for amending covenants/by-laws to allow mail-in voting to include all voting currently requiring an in-person meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 P.M. with Kevin and John continuing discussions with Terry Mackey.

Board Meeting Minutes – September 13, 2020

Board meeting 9/13/2020.

The board met at Kevin’s house at 2:00 PM.

Present were Kevin Neuer, Frank Paulic and John Veerkamp.

1. Discussed the special assessment and the legal issues raised by several residents. After input from our lawyers, the board decided to void the assessment vote and to used funds from our reserve to pay
for the Walking trail. The vote to approve this action was 3 in favor.

2. Also voted to return and special assessment fees already paid. Vote was 3 in favor.

3. Kevin will prepare a brief explanation for Sandy to send to all residents.

4. Discussed budget for the rest of the year. No actions needed at this time.

5. Briefly discussed looking for lawn mowing, snow removal and chemical applications services for the coming year.

6. Voted to accept proposal from Williams for drainage improvements along walking trails after Mackey completes concrete replacement and repair.

7. Adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Notes taken by John

Board Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2020

Fountains at Raintree
HOA Board Meeting Minutes
July 16, 2020

The newly elected Board met on July 16, 2020.

Kevin Neuer assumed the position of President and retains his duties as Treasurer. Margarite Hill accepted appointment as Secretary. Sandy from Area Real Estate participated.

The Board accepted the application of John Veerkamp to join as a Member.

The Board moved to continue with the prior Board’s capital project of renovation and repair of the drainage and walking trail along lower Raintree Drive. Bids have been received for the three Phases outlined in the prior Board’s presentation, and the budget has been revised downward to $19,800.

The Board moved to notify Homeowners of the revised lower cost estimate, and to ask for a vote on whether to pay the costs via current operating funds, or by special assessment per Article 5, Section 4 of our Covenants. The vote will be conducted by mail, given Covid meeting restrictions.

The Board accepted a resident’s group petition to modify the proposed capital improvement plan for the Estates fountain. Rather than undertake a project with significant cost, at this time the Board voted to accept a proposal for $3,500 to drain, clean, patch, and paint the existing fountain as an interim restoration until a new committee of Homeowners can reach agreement on replacement.

The Board approved all regular scheduled expenditures, such as renewal of insurance, irrigation, lawn maintenance, etc.

The Board has asked for specific quotes on a small drainage relocation project, to correct water standing on the walking trail near the pond gazebo.

The Board approved a new requirement requested by FARB, to clarify installation and maintenance responsibilities for non-compliant poured concrete or stone landscape edging.

The Board accepted the Treasurer’s recommendation to establish new bank accounts at Commerce Bank, moving our accounts from Central Bank of the Midwest due to inappropriate accounting errors.

The Board notified one Homeowner to correct deficiencies in home maintenance.

The next scheduled Board general meeting for the Homeowners in October is tentative, given the current Covid meeting safety requirements.

A new monthly newsletter has been created. Input on neighborhood news is welcome.