Fountains Bunko Players!

We will be starting up Bunko again this month on June 28th (4th Monday of each month). There will be a few changes in place to help everyone feel more at ease.
  1. You are welcome to wear a mask. However, that is not a requirement.
  2. Tables will be cleaned before we begin to play.
  3. There will be hand sanitizer on each table.
  4. It is still $5 to play and the winners will be the same as before.
  5. We are asking everyone to bring their own dice (3). This cuts down on shared surfaces.
  6. Please bring your own pen to keep your score.  Score sheets will be provided.
  7. We will be playing at a table for 3 games before we move. This will cut down on movement and may even help those of us who have difficulty getting up and down. The winners of 2 of the 3 games will be the moving pair. (winners wander-losers linger)
  8. There will not be refreshments served, so please bring a drink if you would like to have one.  A short bathroom break is planned.
It feels great to be planning to do something so normal as playing Bunko! Hope to see you soon.
**Please share this with any Raintree resident you know will be playing with us.
Donna Paulic

Message to Residents

As way of introduction, my name is Margarite Hill, and I was elected to the Fountains HOA Board last July.  I know many of you, but there are still many I don’t.  I want to assure everyone that, in spite of an unexpected early transition, it is business-as-usual for our Association and the appropriate people are on top of it.
Thanks to our wise decision to enlist a management company, Sandy has not missed a step and is a tremendous help to me, as is Toni, the Grounds Committee and the Social Committee.
Sandy will keep me informed of any questions or concerns anyone has.  Ballots will be arriving soon, so be sure to vote for your new Board. I look forward to seeing everyone at our Annual Meeting in July.

Margarite Hill

(816) 623-5361

Nomination for Board of Directors

If you have interest in serving on the board please contact Sandy at Area Real Estate, so your name and a brief statement of interest can be included in the ballot sent to Homeowners.

Currently we have three nominations:
Margarite Hill
Glenn Rogers
Mary Marks

HOA President has resigned

Kevin Neuer will not be finishing his term as president. Should the need arise for questions or concerns, please email or call our office:
Sandy Turner, Area Real Estate Services

816-797-0112, Fax: 816-650-5517

Calling all NEW Fountains Veterans

Each year we recognize our Fountains Veterans by placing a flag in their front yard for about a week before Memorial Day!  Flags will be placed over the weekend, weather permitting.  We currently know of 37 veterans but we have had many new people move in over the past year and would like to know of any of you who are also veterans.

If you are new to the neighborhood and are a veteran, please email Gloria Helmer at with the following information.

1.      Name

2.      Address

3.      Phone/email

4.      Branch of service

5.      Dates of service

6.      Rank

Flags will be picked up after Memorial Day!

Thank you for your service!

Gloria Helmer (816)405-4215

Please send information to

Lee’s Summit Symphony returns June 5th, 2021!

We’re back!

Join us in celebrating our Jubliant Return!

Although this special concert was initially only for our 2019–20 season ticket holders and Evening of Symphonic Dance April 2020 concert ticket holders,
it has now been opened up to the public as well!

June 5, 2021
7pm (doors open at 6pm)
The Pavilion at John Knox Village | Cash bar available

We have a limited number of tickets available to the public.
Please purchase online at or call 816-401-5251
or 816-863-8919 to purchase your tickets today!
Additional tickets may be available at the door.

If you hold a 2019–20 Evening of Symphonic Dance ticket or season ticket
they must be presented at the door.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming concert dates:
October 9, 2021
December 18, 2021
March 19, 2022
June 25, 2022

Volunteers needed to help plant at roundabout fountain area

Some monies are available for refreshing the fountain area, those plants that didn’t make it or are doing poorly. If you are willing to help, reply to Sandy to add your name, phone and available times to the list.

A date has not been decided since Mother Nature is in control. When a time is decided you will be notified. Plants won’t be bought unless there are volunteers to help. Planting in May is our goal.

Appreciate any time you can spare.

Toni Travalent

Home Gutter and Drain Maintenance

Homeowners need to carefully check their downspout outlets and buried drains with covers after a hard rain. Covers or discharge devices may become dislodged during heavy rains, resulting in covers being pushed off and into the paths of mowers where the covers may be vulnerable to damage. We had a 6-inch removable lid for a hard plastic catch basin damaged last week, with incidental damage to siding where shards of the protruding cover were ejected from under the mower deck. Catch basin covers are designed to be removable to allow for debris clean-out, but cannot be left in an ejected state. This also applies to pop-up or French drain covers, which may not retract properly.
-Kevin Neuer

Restarting activities at the Fountains

Dear Fountains friends,

The Raintree Board has approved reopening the clubhouses for activities beginning May 3rd 2021. Per current Jackson County mandates, social distancing and masks are still required, but may be changing. Raintree is providing sanitizing wipes for surfaces and hand sanitizer. We are beginning with an abundance of caution and our protocols may change as the local community Covid protocols and infection rates are revised. Your decision to participate should be based on your own comfort level.

Fountains Bunko will begin Monday, June 28 at 1:00 at the Duck Pond Activities Center. (It is in the Shoreline calendar for May without our input.) We are asking participants to have a mask, bring their own covered beverage, 3 dice, and a pen for scorekeeping. No refreshments will be provided. Hand sanitizer will be available at each table. $5 per person. Contact Donna Paulic 505-250-1135 with questions.

Canasta is played on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the Duck Pond Activities Center. It is in the Shoreline calendar to play May 12th and 26th. Participants are asked to have a mask, and their own covered beverage. No refreshments will be provided. Hand sanitizer will be available at each table. Please contact Judy Anderson, 913-940-8669, with questions and if you would rather start in June instead.

Other Fountains Social Activities: Other social events are being planned, including backyard socials, beginning late May/early June. Stay tuned for more information!

Fountains Social Committee

Canasta anyone?

The Raintree office tells me the club house at the Duck Pond will open for activity on May 3 so we can play Canasta on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 if we choose to do so.  They will supply cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer and ask that we wipe down the tables before we leave.  Masks and social distancing are also recommended.  Assuming most of us have had our shots I don’t see that as a problem but let me know your thoughts and we’ll go from there.  It sure would be good to see everybody again.
Thanks, Judy Anderson,, 913-940-8669

Call for Board Nominations

The Fountains at Raintree
Call for Nominations

The Fountains is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. The term of office is set at one-year. Terms of the existing Board members expire at the July annual meeting, which will be July 15th, 2021 at 6:30PM at the Raintree Lake clubhouse.

Please respond to Sandy at Area Real Estate by June 1st, 2021, expressing your interest in serving on the next Board. Sandy will gather all expressions of interest and assist the current Board in assembling a ballot document to be mailed to homeowners for voting.


Presentation Notes from RLPOA Meeting 04/13/2021

In preparation for discussion by Fountains homeowners at our July meeting, a request was made to RLPOA to allow deposit of dredged silt from our Pond on RLPOA vacant property West of Ward Road. This was done in 2017 when we dredged our retention pond. One estimate of the cost of disposal added $50,000 to the project cost if the contractor needed to truck the silt any significant distance. The request is under consideration. However, there is limited available space due to use restrictions.

This is an ongoing discussion.

Dredging the Pond