Roundabout Project Update

From the Fountains of Raintree Lake Homeowners Association Board

On Monday, June 20th the contractors completed their work on the Roundabout Project and will remove their equipment on Tuesday. Our next step is to power wash  the sidewalk circle, walkway and the streets to ensure all surfaces are clean. 

In the middle of the roundabout is a pad for a large fountain if approved. There is also water and electricity close to the pad to support a fountain.

The work reduced homeowner liability and eliminated repair costs and maintenance costs. Thank you for your support.

Parades & Fireworks on July 4th!

Street parade will be held at 10:00am on Monday, July 4th, with the boat parade at 3:00pm.  Fireworks will be called by the Lee’s Summit Fire Dept. around 9:30pm.  REMINDER Raintree Parkway will be CLOSED over the dam from 8:00pm to after the fireworks display has been cleared.


June 25th from 4-8PM at the Raintree Clubhouse Grounds and Parking Lot!

The BIGGEST party in Raintree every year can only happen with the help of more volunteers!!!
The Activities Committee have put together SO many fun things this year…inflatable water slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, and axe throwing (inflatable too!). There will be face painting, balloon animals, spin art, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, and the fan favorite…THE DUNK TANK!

We will need more volunteers to sign up for ALL of these events to happen this year! The first 30 volunteers signed up will receive a FREE Summerfest 2022 Raintree Lake t-shirt with the lake silhouette in the design.

Patriotic concert – LS Symphony -June 25 – 7 pm

American Spirit

Presented by Humana

June 25 at 7pm, doors open at 6pm, cash bar

Wear your red, white and blue and join the Lee’s Summit Symphony for a lively, patriotic concert leading up to Independence Day! Under Kirt Mosier’s direction, the orchestra will play many familiar favorites including: The Magnificent Seven — Elmer Bernstein, March (From 1941) — John Williams, American Salute — Morton Gould, 76 Trombones — arr. Ted Ricketts, Star Spangled Banner — arr. Kirt Mosier, West Side Story Selections — arr. Jack Mason, and many more favorites! Special guest conductor, Jim Oliver, will take the stage too. Tickets may be purchased online at or at either Lee’s Summit Hy-Vee and at Price Chopper at Raintree Lake and Lakewood. Experience the Sound! Presented by Humana. #LSSymphony

The Pavilion at John Knox Village
520 NW Murray Rd
Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Social Events Reminders

Monday Ladies Coffee

when – every Monday 10:30

where- Weather allowing at Love Coffee on the patio

 If too HOT or Rain or Too Cold we will be inside at Price Chopper

 If question call or text Donna Paulic 505-250-1135

  or Phyllis Harrel 816-714-9136

  no RSVP required


when – 4th Monday of the Month -( June 27th 1:00pm)

where – Duck Pond Activity Building

what – Please bring –  3 dice, $5 (please no large bills), drink if desired, and a pen

provided – sanitized tables and score sheets

questions – Donna Paulic 505-250-1135

Negro League Baseball Museum visit

Join us for a visit to the newly renovated and enhanced

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

1616 E. 18th St., Kansas City, MO

Friday, June 24

10:30 a.m.

Admission:- Seniors over 65 – $9,   Adults $10  

To register, contact Marilyn Puls  (316) 253-3697 or  Please RSVP by Thursday, June 23.

The visit generally takes about 1.5-2 hrs.  Wheelchairs are available at the museum.  Carpools are suggested.  There are several restaurants in the area for lunch afterwards.

For more information about the museum, visit

Roundabout Project Update

From the FRLHOA Board

The Roundabout Fountain Project Phase I continues and it is important for everyone to keep their distance for safety reasons. A 10 ton load of rock was delivered today on the South Side of the roundabout. We expect an additional 20 tons to be delivered on Thursday. We believe this phase will be finished by this weekend.

After the rock is spread out we will have top soil delivered and installed. Again there will be trucks and equipment in the roundabout area so please avoid. Thank you for your help.

New Neighbor Welcome and The Fountains Fisherman

This is to serve as a reminder as well as new information. Friday evening (June 10th) at 6:30 we will be meeting at the gazebo on Soldier Dr. to meet and greet new neighbors and longtime neighbors. Snacks will be provided but bring a chair and your choice of drink. Please RSVP to Lenore Chambers at 816-718-5711 by Thursday the 9th.

Also it appears that there are a number of new folks in The Fountains, as well as others, that enjoy fishing and may not have anyone to go with them. Generally, we that live in The Fountains should not be going fishing alone. After the main get together Friday evening those that would like to meet others that also enjoy fishing will meet for a quick gathering to try to get acquainted. If you can’t make it then, at least we can get a list and phone number of the ones that will be there.

Also Fellas remember we’re meeting at the Big Biscuit at 10:30 this Thursday.

Hope to see you on Thursday and/or Friday.

Mark Peters

Nominations for board members

The window has now closed for nominations to serve on the board. 

In the next week you will be receiving a ballot with information on the 6 nominees as well as a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please mail your ballot to Area Real Estate by June 30, 2022.


  • Kent Eaton
  • Harry Grigsby
  • David Mitchell
  • Kevin Neuer
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Scott Shreve

Roundabout Project Update

From the FRLHOA Board

June 1, 2022, work at the roundabout continues and we hope to have the concrete bowl broken up this week and AB3 delivered. The AB3 will be delivered to the East Side of the roundabout and will block that area. Rain slowed progress and we hope Thursday and Friday will be dry days this week. Please avoid the roundabout while the workers work in the area. Thanks for your help. 

Rescheduled Girls Night Out/Guys Night Out

With bad weather forecast for today through tonight the Girls Night Out and Guys Night Out is being rescheduled for Friday night June 3rd, at 6:00 pm. As before you will be notified that day which host house will be your destination.
If this date works for you Please take a moment and let one of us know this change works for you. Thank you. Sorry for the change, I hope it is not a problem. The weather man is not on our side this week.

Donna Paulic (505-250-1135)
or Mark Peters (913-259-9400)

Of course, if you did not sign up before, and you want to sign up now, please contact one of us and come on and participate!

Donna Paulic

Update on the Fountain Roundabout Project 5/27/2022

May 26th between rain showers the contractors were able to drain the fountain bowl as low as the pump would allow. The contractors also punched some test exploratory holes in the concrete bowl. They went to rent a breaker attachment that they had reserved to break the concrete up, but it had been rented out to someone else. So, May 27th the Contractor will return to break up the concrete. Around 1:00PM a load of AB3 is being delivered and will block the roundabout on the east side. Plywood will be laid down to protect the sidewalk and the AB3 will be moved to fill the hole. Weather forecast is no rain tomorrow so we can make progress. If possible, when driving try to avoid the roundabout and use one of our other streets. Thanks for your help during this stage.

Information on Mowing, Watering and Snow Removal from the FRLHOA Board


Today, Tuesday we are receiving a lot of rain and more rain is forecast this week. One concern is with the heavy mowing equipment is ruts in yards and common ground so decisions will be made based on the weather this week.

 The Board wanted to provide information on the mowing of our grounds.

There is a contract negotiated every two years that includes mowing, flowers at the monuments and snow removal. The contract that we are currently under was negotiated by the last Board and is what we must follow. When there are problems, Area reports those to Outdoor Solutions, our current contractor, and pictures are helpful. The contractor determines how to handle the issue as there is no remedy in the current contract. Outdoor Solutions utilizes commercial mowing equipment which is much heavier than a lawnmower you may have used in the past. This is one of the reasons we monitor the weather because it must be dry enough not to cause ruts.

A new contract will be negotiated by the end of the year for two years and most likely costs will increase due to labor and gas and inflation. We had one homeowner respond to the request for a committee to be involved in the selection of a contractor. Our HOA’s highest costs are mowing and watering the grass in the summer and snow removal in the winter. So, costs are a large consideration while negotiating a contract.

Snow Removal

When negotiating the mowing contract, the snow removal contract is negotiated at the same time. We operate under the snow removal contract that was negotiated by the last board. Our current contractor, Outdoor Solutions uses trucks with snow blades. Several homeowners are concerned about damage to their drives and put-up cones to not have them remove the snow because of the equipment. We did not have Outdoor Solutions clear the streets as the city is responsible and since we pay taxes we did not want to pay twice. Also, we found this year that Outdoor Solutions has other Commercial Customers, and they chose to clean their snow ahead of us delaying us by a day. Again, costs play a large part in how the snow removal contract is negotiated. When it snows it must be over 2 inches and payment is made on how deep the snow is measured.


Watering is another large expenditure and a review of our payment for last August was $23,001.16. Currently the flowers at the entrance monuments are being watered and the main water system will be turned on after June 1st. The ground is saturated with rainwater at this time and the forecast will be monitored to determine when to water. The water operation is not like previous homes you may have owned where you could decide how much to water, and it was whatever you could afford. The Fountains Sprinkler System was built overtime and we believe the first homes were in 2004. So, we are coupled together with many acres of common ground, and it is not by individual. Generally, there are two waterings a week during summer, but the weather conditions are monitored, and decisions are based on that and costs.

Final thoughts

The Board wanted to share this information as summer begins and to inform you about contract negotiations the next Board will undertake. The contracts determine how mowing and snow removal will be managed. Each of you are invited to join committees or run for the Board and participate. Thank you for your support.