Hi Bunco fans!

Just a reminder we are playing Bunco next week:

When – 9-27-2021
Where – Duck Pond
Time – 1:00pm

Please remember we are wearing masks. Please also bring your own pen, dice, and a beverage if you like.

We had a great group last month. Hope you can all join us to play. If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Donna Paulic

Lawn application #5 being applied tomorrow 9/16/2021, and edging information

From Outdoor Solutions:

The application is fall fertilizer 22-0-3 with 2% Iron, it is not harmful to humans or pets and can be walked on immediately after applying. This is a slow release fertilizer which means it will take up to 60 days for the entire pellet to dissolve so as a precaution I would suggest anyone that has a pet to check their paws after they let them out and make sure there is no pellet stuck in the paw area. If there is just remove, if left it will just be like having a rock in your shoe. The spot spraying is a broadleaf spray and it will need at least an hour or 2 to completely dry before walking on it.

Also, this week we are not doing any edging, next week will be edging around the common grounds and the following week around the houses. After that it will repeat itself and be no edging, common grounds and homes.

Kurt Shatford
Outdoor Solutions Lawn and Landscape

New Fountains Resident Directory Published

The latest resident directory should have arrived in your email today, August 23, 2021. If you did not receive it or need a printed copy, Please contact Sandy at Area Real Estate.

Just a reminder: This directory will NEVER be posted on the website. This is private information for our residents. Please do not forward the directory to anyone or any organization outside of our neighborhood.

Bunco! Please bring your mask!


Time for Bunco Monday August 23rd. (4th Monday of the month)
Time-1:00 pm
Place- Duck Pond
Please bring;
             $5 to play
             your own dice (3)
             a pen to keep score

Hand sanitizer will be provided on each table.

Any questions please contact
Donna Paulic (505)250-1135 or dlp1kcgma@gmail.com

Edging, Retaining Walls, Flower Beds and Additional Mowing Obstructions

The Raintree ARB does NOT regulate Fountains landscaping changes. However, the FARB does need to provide approval so as not to impede mowing. Please submit any landscaping changes to the FARB prior to beginning any such work.

  1. All edging, retaining walls, flower beds and any other additions which might inhibit mowing access will need the FARB approval, regardless of materials or type of construction to be used.
  1. A minimum of 60” (inches) clearance requirement will be used for the addition of any new obstruction which will limit mowing access.

In addition, certain types of landscape edging, such as poured or shaped concrete, or landscape blocks that protrude above the surface of the sod, are all susceptable to damage from mowers. Before approval will be granted, the property owner will be required to sign an agreement that the Fountains Association and/or our mowing contractors are not responsible for damage to such landscape structures.

Food Truck Tuesday!

The Food Trucks will be in the Raintree Clubhouse tomorrow from 4-8.  The vendors this week are THE MELT TRUCK and TASTE OF BRAZIL.    The weather looks a little cooler this week so grab your food and meet at the Gazebo at 5:30.  Hope to see you then.

A note from the Fountains HOA Board

The Fountains of Raintree Lake Homeowners Association (FRLHOA) Board of Directors was elected 2 weeks ago and have been addressing several issues that have come up prior to the board election. We are working as quickly as we can visiting the properties that have been reported with violations and assessing the impact and required action.

One of the reasons communities with HOAs are such an enjoyable place to live is due to their community benefits, including services, aesthetics, safety, resale value, and more. These things only exist because the community operates under rules outlining how all those amenities will work. Homeowners agree to those rules in exchange for having a safe, attractive, and well-organized community to live in.

It is the boards responsibility to make sure all the rules are followed. If homeowners break rules and the board does not enforce them, the entire community suffers, and all the amenities can be negatively impacted. Unfortunately, the other homeowners who do follow the rules will lose out on the benefits they signed up for and are entitled to receive.

The FRLHOA’s CC&Rs and/or bylaws contains the rules and regulations that should be enforced in the community. When homeowners join our community, they are obligated to follow all the stipulations. Board members can also look to these governing documents to see reasonable enforcement policies for various violations. While some violations will justify a more severe consequence over others. Its important to treat all violations with uniform enforcement.

We have 176 homes in the Fountains, and it is important that each household is familiar with our website The Fountains at Raintree Lake Association, Inc.  There is information about critical Committees that must review and approve any changes you plan. The Fountains Architectural Review Board (ARB) must review any changes to your home’s exterior, i.e. roof and color as examples. They will coordinate with the Raintree ARB which we also must follow. The Grounds Committee is also very important and reviews any tree change/removal and no one can remove or trim trees on the HOA Common Ground without their approval. Please be a good neighbor and work with these Committees to ensure you are not in violation and responsible for damages.

We want to be sure all 176 households in our community understand the following issues, so we do not have to address them again.

  1. The Common Ground is beautiful with walking trails and belongs to all of us. No trees can be removed or trimmed on Common Ground without the approval of the Grounds Committee and Board of Directors. This may be expensive for anyone that trespasses and causes damage.
  2. The Fountains Architectural Review Board must review and approve any outside change to your home. You will be responsible for all costs to correct any violation.
  3. Drainage changes need to be reviewed by the Grounds Committee (some issues may require Architectural Review Board review as well) prior to work to avoid problems. Please be a good neighbor and do not change drainage that creates a problem for your neighbor or moves your problem to common ground.
  4. Area Real Estate (Sandy) does NOT approve any grounds or architectural changes and sending those requests to her will only DELAY your request.

Your HOA board of directors was created for a purpose. When faced with a violation, the goal of the board is not to cause more stress on any homeowner, but more to help protect our entire community. It’s also a way to provide an awareness of the problem that is occurring. We wanted to share this information to help reduce problems that are being reported.

Thank you for your support of our committee volunteers and your newly elected Board.

Fountains Pontoon Boat Excursion

We’ve had great interest in our boating excursion around Raintree Lake and have two dates scheduled.  If you haven’t reserved a spot, you have an opportunity to still join in!  The two dates (with two times) selected are:
  • Wednesday, August 4  – 4:15 – 6:30 p.m.(3 spots open)
  • Wednesday, August 4 – 6:45 – 9:00 p.m. (full)
  • Wednesday, August 18 – 4:15 – 6:30 p.m. (7 spots open)  Right now, total availability
  • Wednesday, August 18 – 6:45 – 9:00 p.m.(full)
Please consider an afternoon excursion if you are interested.  There is a partial canopy on the boat and with the lake breeze, it is nice. This was my experience last week when I sailed with some friends.
Currently, the cost per person will be $12.50 with 20 going.  If others join in, the cost will go down a bit.  I will confirm the cost per person with all the boaters after the final count is determined.
For those of you who have contacted me with interest, please let me know if you have NOT seen a confirmation of your date/time from me.  I believe I have contacted everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to double/triple check!
Thank you,
Beverly (Bev) Shuck

Food Truck Tuesday!

Hey Fountains Residents, why not take a break from cooking on Tuesdays the rest of the summer?   Why don’t we get our food from the food trucks in the Raintree Clubhouse parking lot and then gather at the gazebo and eat together and visit.  This week the vendors are Burritos Lagos, Tina’s Trucks, Alshammy Mediterranean Grill & Tasty Unicorn for dessert.

You’ll need to bring your lawn chairs and a drink and, of course your food, and we’ll eat together.  The food trucks are there from 4:00 to 8:00 but let’s gather at 5:30 at the gazebo. Hope to see you then.
Questions?  Judy Anderson, andersond2540@gmail.com, 913-940-8669

Pop-Up Party this Friday 7/16/2021!!

DATE:              Friday, July 16
WHERE:           Soldier Court cul-de-sac, in front of 921 Soldier Ct.
TIME:               6:30 PM

Come and visit with your friends and neighbors at the first Pop-up party of the year.

If you are comfortable with sharing, then bring a snack to share with everyone. Also, bring a beverage of your choice. Water will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Lenore Chambers at either 816-718-5711 or 816-537-9773