All of the lots and common areas in The Fountains are irrigated by a central underground irrigation system.  The cost of the water and the maintenance of the irrigation system is paid by the Association.  This keeps our neighborhood looking beautiful and saves significant money. Because of water pressure restrictions, it takes two days to water the entire neighborhood.

The irrigation system is maintained by:

A1 Hydroflo
P.O. Box 1982
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

A1 Hydroflo takes care of all maintenance of the system, including:

  • Scheduling irrigation
  • Winterizing
  • Backflow testing
  • Replacing or repairing broken sprinkler heads

Area Real Estate Services  will coordinate repairs and adjustments to the irrigation system. Please call Area Real Estate Services office at (816) 650-6718  or to report problems such as:

  • Over watering (water running off lawns or creating puddles
  • Under-watering (areas not receiving any water)
  • Missed watering schedule
  • Broken or mis-aimed sprinkler heads
  • Sprinklers running during rainstorm

After regular business hours, report serious problems (specifically broken pipes and flooding) directly to A1 Hydroflo at (816) 347-2600, and Area Real Estate Services at (816) 650-6718  or

Before changing any landscaping, please contact Area Real Estate to have your sprinkler heads marked.  The cost of moving sprinkler heads or repairing damage will be billed back to the homeowner.

Irrigation will normally occur twice a week. We will water Zone 1 on Monday and Thursday. Zone 2 will water on Tuesday and Friday. One additional irrigation cycle may be added if necessary. Each cycle is 20 minutes.  Rain sensors will normally defer irrigation if significant rain has occurred just before a cycle is due to run. If you see the irrigation operating during a rainstorm, please let Area Real Estate know.

Please note:

  1. The system was designed to water lawns.  It may or may not water the plantings adjacent to your home.  If your flowers and bushes are looking a little wilted, you may want to go ahead and water those.
  2. If you notice problems with your system not working correctly or if you think it didn’t operate at all, please contact Area Real Estate Services at (816) 650-6718 to report the problem.  They will write up a work order and contact Randy.  Do NOT call Randy at A1HydroFlo.
  3. If you are planting new trees or bushes, please be careful to not cut into an irrigation line.  If you need help locating the lines, please contact Area Real Estate Services.  They will request Randy to help you find the sprinkler heads.  The plastic lines are not traceable from above ground through normal locating means.
  4. If you need to relocate sprinkler heads, please contact Area Real Estate Services to schedule.  Homeowners are responsible for the costs associated with the relocation.
  5. If you are planning to install new concrete edging, please contact Area Real Estate Services in advance so that the system can be shut down if necessary to protect your new concrete.  Randy and his crew need advance notice to be in the neighborhood to make changes in the system’s controllers to turn off your water.  If possible, schedule the new install on a day other than when your home is irrigated.
  6. Water emergency:  If you notice a broken sprinkler head with gushing water or standing/running water that might indicate a leak, please report those immediately to Area Real Estate Service’s office during the business day, with the precise location.  After hours or a the weekend, you may contact Randy at 816-347-2600 and press “zero” to get a direct line to Randy.  Please report leaks to Area Real Estate Service too so that they are aware of the problem area and to know that it has been reported: