Meeting Minutes for Annual and Board Meetings, July 16, 2020

Board Meeting
July 16, 2020

Location: 4640 Gossamer due to the COVID 19 pandemic, closed meeting

ATTENDANCE: Board Members: Jeff Zugaj, Dale Phetteplace, Kevin Neuer, Harry Grigsby, John Veerkamp. Property Management Representative Sandy Turner, Zona Mitchell- Social Committee, Toni Travalent – Grounds Committee, Dennis Chambers- FARB

Call to order: Jeff Zugaj opened the July 16, 2020 meeting at 10 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January 19, 2019 meeting by John Veerkamp and seconded by Dale Phetteplace. The vote was unanimous to approve the minutes.

Financial Report: Kevin Neuer presented a 2020 financial update including a breakdown of the dues increase over the past five years. The initial quarterly dues were set at $390 and are now $421.86, which is an increase of $31.86 over a five year period or 53 cents a month.
Funds are being put into CD’s for reserves as finances allow.

Grounds Committee: Toni Travalent reports the new aerator has been placed in the pond and it’s in the only position it could be placed in according to the contractor.
Trees have been trimmed and dead trees have been removed by Cartwright. The linden, pine, blue spruce and ash will be treated by Cartwright.
Seven new trees were planted by Rowena’s Garden.
Solitude continues to treat the detention basin. The committee hopes to address the erosion issues in the fall with rock placement. Toni has spent several hours watching webinars put on by Solitude to try and find an inexpensive way to stop the erosion.

Social Committee: Zona Mitchell has polled the social committee for feedback on whether or not to try and plan activities which would be acceptable for social distancing and safe for the residents. During this difficult time there have not been any large group activities planned and the committee will make a decision on the annual chili/soup dinner at the beginning of September.
The RLPOA has not opened the facilities for member use yet.
The committee hopes to begin planning smaller group activities, within the scope of the CDC guidelines.
FARB Committee: Dennis Chambers gave a presentation on projects which have been presented to the FARB from 2019 to 2020. According to this information deck staining has been the most requested.
Several residents have requested approval for roof replacements. Owners have a choice from 4-5 shades.
There has been one owner who has installed a solar panel. This requires approval from the city, RLPOA and The Fountains.
Dennis Chambers reminded the owners the FARB is responsible for pre-approving any work on the exterior of the units whether it changes the appearance of the house or not.

Walking Path Project: Following up on the May survey to the residents of larger projects which needed to be done, the consensus (85 percent) is to repair the Raintree Drive walking path first. Kevin met with contractors and the project will be done in three phases beginning with moving the water discharge 10-12 feet back towards the owners properties. All of these homeowners have been notified and are in agreement.
With additional research and further determination of the scope of work that has to be done at this time, the current revised total for the job is $19,800 instead of the proposed $64,200.
The membership will be asked to choose between using the current budget surplus or a one-time assessment of $112.50 to cover the cost of this project.

Board Elections: Resignations were received from Harry Grigsby, Jeff Zugaj and Dale Phetteplace.
Two nominees on the ballot were voted into office with a proxy by mail. The quorum was met and Kevin Neuer and Margarite Hill were elected by acclamation.
The new Board appointed John Veerkamp to the board to serve another year. Kevin Neuer will serve as Board President and Treasurer, John Veerkamp as Vice President and Margarite Hill as Secretary.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.