Contractor for lawn services/snow removal

Fellow neighbors

As you may know, our current mowing, weed and feed, and snow removal contracts end on December 31, 2022.  A new contract for at least snow removal must be in place before December 31st to avoid a break in the services provided to you.  Your Board of Directors is seeking your input in identifying potential contractors who can: 

1. Mow, trim and blow 176 lots and common grounds.
2. Do a Spring and Fall debris clean-up of the same areas.
3. Weed and feed the same areas with up to 5 treatments annually.
4. Remove more than 2 inches of snow from 176 driveways and front porches/steps

If you know of a contractor who would be interested in providing any or all of the above services, please forward the company name and contact information to Sandy Turner at Area Real Estate ( no later than September 1, 2022.  Your input is greatly appreciated as we are all in this together.