Lawn application #5 being applied tomorrow 9/16/2021, and edging information

From Outdoor Solutions:

The application is fall fertilizer 22-0-3 with 2% Iron, it is not harmful to humans or pets and can be walked on immediately after applying. This is a slow release fertilizer which means it will take up to 60 days for the entire pellet to dissolve so as a precaution I would suggest anyone that has a pet to check their paws after they let them out and make sure there is no pellet stuck in the paw area. If there is just remove, if left it will just be like having a rock in your shoe. The spot spraying is a broadleaf spray and it will need at least an hour or 2 to completely dry before walking on it.

Also, this week we are not doing any edging, next week will be edging around the common grounds and the following week around the houses. After that it will repeat itself and be no edging, common grounds and homes.

Kurt Shatford
Outdoor Solutions Lawn and Landscape