Note to homeowners

Your HOA Board has issued a Request for Proposals for services to prospective suppliers, for calendar years 2021 and 2022. We have asked for timely responses, to assist in final preparations of next year’s HOA budget.

Homeowners will see some changes in next year’s services. For example, Reisner was plowing snow from our streets as an included element of our home snow removal. They have decided not to provide this included street service in the future. Your Board has asked suppliers for plowing pricing, based on our past experience of how bad our streets would be if we waited for the City’s lackluster clearing.

There will be cost increases reflected in the new budget, as every year expenses like City water go up. The Board will publish the proposed 2021 budget for comments as soon as the bid responses are received and evaluated.

Please note, the dues formula for calculating next year’s HOA annual fee indicates a minimal increase, which will potentially lead to the need for discussions regarding altering services levels.