Recycling options

In addition to Donna Paulic’s recent post about the www.RECYCLESPOT.ORG, I want to make you aware of the recycling possibilities available to LS residents at our local Resource Recovery Park located on Hamblin Rd.  There was a question at the Board meeting about the excessive cost charged by WCA for the collection of the small amount of lawn waste generated in our community.  Here’s an alternative solution.  For $1 per bag, you can drop off lawn waste at the Park.  It might not be terribly convenient but for the few bags we typically have in the spring and fall, it’s a really good deal.  They also recycle electronics and mattresses, tires, appliances, etc. for a reasonable fee.  Hazardous waste collection is free to residents and is by appointment only Thursday-Saturday.  Go to for hours, a list of items they can handle, and pricing.  There is also an area dedicated to recycling paper, cans, etc. that is free to the public. 

Zona Mitchell