Optional Services from Outdoor Solutions

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To better serve all the homeowners at the Fountains at Raintree Lake we would be happy to provide a customized bid for any service you would like done. By providing a customized bid we are ensuring each project price is specific to each property and budget.

LAWN CARE – If there is a service not listed but you are interested in please contact us

  1. Aeration – We can provide a one pass or two pass service.  Typically done in August, September and October but can be done at any time of the year.
  2. Aeration and Slit Seeding – This project requires a one pass aeration then we apply the grass seed with our slit seeding machine to ensure good ground contact.
  3. Slit Seeding – If you prefer not to have an aeration done but still want your lawn seeded, we can provide a 1 pass slit seeding for only certain sections of the lawn such as front, sides, back or just spot seeding.
  4. On all Aerations and seeding homeowner is responsible to mark all irrigation heads and any other objects in the lawn prior to service.


LANDSCAPE – If there is a service not listed but you are interested in please contact us

  1. Shrub and Tree Pruning – We charge $65 per man hour plus the cost of the disposal for debris removed.
  2. Leaf Cleanup – Additional leaf pickup can be done for $40 per property as often as requested.
  3. Landscape Design and Installation – A bid will be provided for any size project you have and is specific to what your needs and budget will be.
  • Customer Design and Installation for any project
  • Shrub and Tree addition or replacement
  • New or Updated edging for landscape
  • Rock and Mulch addition or replacement
  • Shrub and Tree Fertilizing – Can be done anytime of the year
  • Insect Spraying (Japanese Beetles) for Shrubs and Trees – Needs to be done in May and June
  • Weed control in landscape beds – An application can be applied to your landscape beds to reduce/prevent unwanted weeds. This service may require a second application for maximum control.


HOME – If there is a service not listed but you are interested in please contact us

  1. Gutter Cleaning – All debris will be removed and collected from the gutters and disposed of, cost will be $75 per home.
  2. Gutter Sealing – If you have gutters that leak on the ends or at connection points we can seal those areas to prevent water loss, a bid will be provided for services.
  3. More services to come in spring 2021