Optional Services from Reisner

Our lawn care provider, Reisner Lawn and Landscape, offers a range of lawn care, hardscape, and landscape services. Reisner has been working with The Fountains since is was created, and is familiar with our homes.

Note that any services must be negotiated directly with Reisner, and the fees paid directly to them. Any optional services will NOT be the responsibility of the Association.

Please call Reisner directly at (816) 373-6996 to schedule any of these optional services:

  • Prune shrubs    $65 minimum and $65/hour thereafter.  Most all jobs can be done within 2-3 man hours or less.  May/June
  • Insect control application   $40/unit   July/Aug
  • Grub control application (2018)   $47.50/unit   July/Aug
  • Verticutting and overseeding   $300/unit   September  (Homeowner will need to provide their own extra irrigation if needed)
  • Core aeration   $55/unit   November
  • Winterizer fertilizer application    $40/unit    November/December
  • Leaf cleanup    $40/unit   After final mowing/mulching in December
  • Christmas lighting    $75 first time materials fee, $200/unit (includes set up & take down)
  • Removal of metal landscape edging and replacement with heavy vinyl edging     $5 per foot
  • Upgrade of existing landscape rock     $120 per ton
  • Removal of existing landscape rock      $80 per ton (average home has 4 tons)
  • Installation of mulch      $70 per cubic yard (average home needs 3-4 yards)
  • Delivery and installation of pulverized topsoil to fill low spots around foundation or in yard     $92.50 per cubic yard

Please note that the prices listed were current when published, but are subject to change. Please verify price with Reisner.