Snow Removal

Snow removal service is provided by the Association.  The contractor for snow removal is:

Outdoor Solutions
Raymore, MO 64083

Snow removal will take place whenever 2 or more inches of snow has fallen. Removal will not start until the storm is over. In order to avoid damage to sod, driveways will only be cleared to the width of the garage door or six inches from the edge.  If you want the full width of your driveway cleared, please purchase reflective ‘snow marker rods’ from Home Depot or Lowes for around $2 each.  Drive the rods in the ground as close to the driveway edge as possible. This will let the plow drivers get closer to the edge of the driveway. This is especially important if you have a curved driveway.

Home Depot product page:

If you plan on handling your own snow removal please purchase small orange traffic cones at the hardware store and place them at the end of your driveway

HOA authorized crews will clear homeowner’s driveway, front walkway, and steps to the front porch. DRIVEWAYS WILL NOT BE CLEARED IF A VEHICLE IS PARKED IN THE DRIVEWAY. Ice removal is NOT provided by the HOA. If needed, homeowners are encouraged to use pet friendly ice melting products available at hardware and other stores. The HOA will plow our streets once, due to the City’s historic poor response to our snow removal needs. Walking trails and sidewalks are not cleared except around mailboxes.